Call for Papers

Wandering Games: Welcome

What does it mean to be a wandering body in a game world? What does it say about the game? The world? The body? What can the act of wandering do? We seek proposals on wandering games from academics, game designers, and creative practitioners for a conference at Bangor University from July 10–12, 2019. Walking Simulators, the genre of videogame in which there are no points, goals, or win/loss conditions, have for the last several years served as a catalyst for (sometimes furious) debates about anti-game aesthetics, changing gamer demographics, and the radical potential of poetic spatial storytelling in videogames. From Myst to Gone Home, The Path to The Stanley Parable, what began as the derogatory sneer "Walking Simulator" has become a catch-all term for games that are interested in alternative modes of expression, drawing together considerations of embodiment, environment, orientation, and community.  We are interested in work, on Walking Simulators and their context, that focuses on some aspect of wandering in games but also could draw connections and intersections from long traditions of walking thought in performance, philosophy, pilgrimage, and protest. 

Proposals are invited for contributions in the following formats: 

  • Games & game ideas (digital, physical, AR, VR, site-specific, experimental, etc.) 
  • 20-minute papers 
  • 5 minute splash talks 
  • Full panel proposals 
  • Alternate formats: performance pieces, workshops from game devs, hikes/VR hikes, team brainstorming sessions, workshops, protest designs, any other format you want to propose